Becoming Whole


We never really like to think about how our actions affect others.  We tend to think that in most situations we are calm, cool, collected and right!  We are, after all; human!

In my last reflection, I talked about how to detach from the Judas’s in our lives from the perspective of how these relationships affected us.

Today, we will reflect on how our behaviors may be Judas’s for someone else.  I would like to point out, that these types of relationships offer something for each person involved.  So the relationships that we feel are disordered are also cause for disorder in the other person’s life too.

We often do not think about it in this way, as relationships are rarely healthy.  If they were then we would have world peace. Continue Reading

Disordered Relationships

judasWe all have relationships with others that are disordered.  These could be with family members, co-workers, acquaintances or friends.  They could be with anyone we are in any sort of relationship with.

I know you can think of a few in your life right now.  Some have been there so long you cannot imagine a life without them and some may have just started to bud.

We intuitively know these relationships are not healthy, yet we allow them and even draw them into to our lives. Continue Reading

Perpetual Sanctification (part two)


I wake up feeling like I had never slept. Why am I so tired?  Then it comes crashing back to me, the whole scene, like reliving a movie, the finding of porn on my daughters twitter feed.  Does she honestly think I believe that she doesn’t know whose it is or how it got on her feed?  I cannot wrap my mind around it.

Taking it to the Lord, I decide to go to another Parish for daily Mass, because I need to be alone, I need to sort this through, and I need to be anonymous.  I feel the weight of 100 bricks on my shoulders.  In the pew, I beg for guidance and answers. I lift my needs up to the Lord, I ask mamma Mary to help me, mother her daughter. Continue reading

Join me for the next post to read what the Grace of the Sacrament of Marriage reveals, please pray for me!!!

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Perpetual Sanctification (part one)

Did you ever have one of those weeks that you thought you just might not survive?  I mean emotionally, not physically, although, sometimes emotional stress is worse than the most strenuous physical workout.  Well that’s the kind of week I had.

It not only left me battered and bruised, but it had me questioning every decision I have ever made as a wife, mother and friend.  I would no sooner  think I was on solid ground and the rug would be pulled out again!

In those times, although, not much fun, much growth can occur.  I found myself swept away in a current that had been building for quite some time.  Continue reading……



Stations of the Cross

My Perspective

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with our first, I knew my life would change dramatically. I began to see our world in a different way. It was not just about me, my wants, needs, goals, aspirations or life for now I was responsible for the nurturing, teaching and forming of another human being.Your Read More Link Text