Rediscover Jesus

rediscover jesusRemember the WWJD(What Would Jesus Do)  bracelets?

They were all the rave and everywhere you turned in Christian circles you would hear “what would Jesus do?”  It became the snarky answer for everything, mocking the reality that IT IS the answer for everything.

How many of us REALLY know Jesus? Sure a lot of us know about Jesus, but how many can say they know Him?  I think knowing Jesus it a life long process.  It is not a once and done, now let’s go out and tell everyone about Him.  Sure there is a time and place for that but if that is all the deeper yo go, Do you really know Him?

You might be thinking, of course I know Jesus, I read the Bible, I know all the stories, I know Jesus.   I say great start!!!

I received a copy of Rediscover Jesus by Mathew Kelly in the mail, maybe you have received on too.  I started reading it and could not contain myself to just one day.  It is meant to be read each day for 40 days.  Hey Lent is 4o days!!  I love when that happens.  Anyway  if you have a copy and are looking for spiritual enrichment this Lent, read along with me.

Starting tomorrow as Day 1, I will be posting thoughts, insights, reflections on the readings.  I invite you to join me, feel free to leave comments as we learn best when we share our thoughts and lives with each other.  We are relational beings, created to be in relationship not only with others but with Jesus as well.

Let you light shine for all to see.

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Rediscover Jesus Day 1

rediscover jesus

New Beginnings

Starting each Lenten journey is in fact a new beginning.  It is a chance to slow down re-evaluate, consider and ponder the state of our spiritual life.  At least that how it is for me.

I always have such high expectations that just because it is Lent, I will somehow magically be able to overcome the most habitual temptations.  Like Frodo and the ring, I somehow become invisible to the all Seeing Eye.  The truth is that I become more aware of the habitual temptations and my habitual tendency to succumb.

Like being that poor little mouse on the wheel, running and running and never getting anywhere.  At least that is how it seems with some temptations.

I like to humor myself and think awareness is progress!  But it’s true….. awareness is progress.  Seeing something about ourselves in the stark light of day is a precious grace of God.  Bringing that which is broken within us into the light is the grace of awareness.

The question then becomes: what are we going to do with it?   We could pretend we don’t know it about ourselves and try to go back into the darkness.   Or we could make excuses for it, like:  it’s because of my mother that I am like this. Or we could just sit with it for a while, ponder the reality of it all, maybe it was because of your mother, but that’s not helping you now.

Pondering the grace of awareness about ourselves is another grace from God.  As it means He is drawing us into relationship with him and the deepest parts of ourselves.  The self that only He, who created us can know.

New Beginnings.


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Rediscover Jesus “Prologue”

rediscover jesus

When was the last time someone mistaken you for Jesus?

It is Ash Wednesday and this year our Adult Faith Formation group is doing Lent a little different, we are reading Mathew Kelly’s book Rediscover Jesus. It’s a series of short readings, intended to open our heart and minds to the ‘person’ Jesus.  We have decided to do it in retreat form.  Please feel free, at anytime, to join us.

The Prologue

As I begin reading, I am immediately drawn into the scene.  The hustle and bustle of the city, the excitement of doing well, the celebration with colleagues and the anticipation of getting home to share the good news.  It looks like God smiling down, you know one of those days where everything seems to being going right and you are top of the world.  Your heart is enlarged, everything is possible….sun is shining ….life is good!!!

That’s how it made me feel, I guess that’s the point.  God gives us those days to strengthen us, edify us,  give us hope, to know that He is near and that all is well. Continue Reading

I Love The House Where You Live


I love the house where you live, the place where your glory makes its home. (PS 26: 8)

Oh Lord, my heart soars with joy, my soul filled with this sublime truth:  I am the house where you live, the place where your glory makes its home.  Oh the wonderful implications of this truth, has me giddy with pure delight.

I have been living in darkness, knowing without understanding.

The veil finally lifted from my eyes, I see clearly your love for me.

Oh Lord, how can I not love the house where you live?  What right do I have to profane your house?  What right do I have to allow others to profane your house?

How long oh Lord, has my house been in disrepair, an unfit place for you to live?

In sublime wisdom you offer a guide, under the mantle of Our Lady. You show us, Oh Lord, in her, the house where you live, and the place where your glory makes its home.

In Mary’s womb, you made your house.  My soul sings out with joy, I love the house where you live, the place where glory makes its home.

How few understand these truths, fail to contemplate you becoming flesh in her womb, the house where you live?  What right do I have to disregard her, to make her insignificant?

Yet, she, your first house, teaches all of mankind to prepare for your arrival.  Cleaning out the dark, dusty, dank spaces of our souls constantly teaching, redirecting and readying us by her constant prayer and example.

Under the guise of bread and wine, you, Oh Lord, enter our bodies making US the house where you live, the place where your glory makes its home.

Oh Lord, never let this thought be far from me.  Understanding all of humanity is the house where you live, the place where your glory makes its home.

I love the house where you live, the place where your glory makes its home. (PS 26:8)

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Embracing Our Weaknesses

just another

I created it: I know its weakness.

These words spoken by my little boy have me pondering them in relation to our humanity and our creator.

It brings to mind the Tenet “Essence before Existence”;  the teaching that each and every one of us was in the Heart and Mind of God before the world was created.  Everyone who has come before us and each one who will come after us was with Him before he set forth the heavens and the earth.

He knows each of us so intimately, that He created our weaknesses for our benefit.

I know I have fallen into thinking, my weaknesses are my own doing.  From the “I’m just not good at that” to the disappointment/despair we feel when we just don’t seem to measure up to someone else’s standards/expectations  or the standards/expectations we hold for ourselves.

If our God-given weaknesses were created for our benefit then our weaknesses take on a whole new meaning. Continue Reading

Using Temptations To Our Advantage

just anotherI remember the day I met my first truly holy person.  Now, she would tell you she is anything BUT holy.  She was to give a talk at the conclusion of our first Rachel’s Vineyard Weekend Retreat.  She was speaking on the topic of God’s Abundant Mercy and Forgiveness.  I thought this was an excellent choice given the flavor of the weekend.  I digress, the point is, when she crossed the threshold, a sense of serenity filled the room.  A calm that was physically felt, everyone in the room visibly relaxed and became more open and she hadn’t spoken a word,  I imagine Mother Teresa would be the same way.  Continue Reading


A Pilgrimage: A Call To Step Out In Faith

just-another-e1440349184735Funny things happen when you decide to step out of your comfort zone and do something you might never think you would do.  After attending the initial meeting for our September Papal visit, I was so full of hope and overwhelmed with the knowledge of how many people would travel to Philadelphia to see the Holy Father.

It gives me cause to pause and ponder the political and spiritual implications. I think about the state of our country, from our idealization of Bruce Jenner to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage and the Planned Parenthood scandal.  I wonder why our Holy Father would want to visit this land. Continue Reading

Temptations Are Gifts

just-another-e1440349184735I have been mad all day!  I am short with my husband and my children.  I can’t even stand to be around me!!  I can’t get the dream out of my head and its self revelations.  Images of the same pattern of behavior plaque me.  Am I really that dense, that I cannot read a situation and choose a different path.  Oh I think I will recognize the pattern and be able to handle it, that I am doing things differently THEN bam it’s just a different road to the same end.

My problem or weakness is that I allow others to have power over me.  I don’t consciously give it to them, I just make little self-sacrifices to accommodate their need or help out in some small way only to realize that my kindness, compliance, and understanding have been mistaken for weakness.  Continue Reading

Expect Temptations

just-another-e1440349184735It is literally six days since the official beginning of our September Pilgrimage to see Pope Frances. I have not felt that spiritual high since the ride home from the meeting.  In fact it has been a never-ending crisis,  I no sooner resolve one issue, that another one arises, a whirlwind, with no time to think, to ponder, to breathe.

I know intellectually, distractions are temptations to succumb to either sin or defeat.  To me, they are an attempt to give up my resolve about writing these things down.  I have to say I have been a little disheartened.  I haven’t been able to get it on paper until now.  But then I think, you know what they say;  want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.  I quickly remember…. I AM NOT IN CONTROL!!!

Control is an issue for me, as I like things to be a certain way, it makes me happy.  The best way to tempt me is;  mess with my need to have things a certain way.  Good thing I can at least recognize the temptation;  sitting with it, making friends with it, quite another story.  Continue Reading

A Holy Journey

PopeIt is the Feast of the Assumption, it is an important day not only does it mark the beginning of our Papal journey but it  marks the 18th  anniversary of my Consecration to Our Lady according to St. Louis De Montfort, as I walk through the doors, I am struck by its significance.

The first speaker, speaks about being prepared for our September journey not only physically and mentally but most importantly spiritually. To visit our Holy Father in Philadelphia is like Jesus traveling to Jerusalem. A holy sacrifice to enter into and be observed as something sacred.

When making any kind of sacrifice for God, one must be spiritually prepared. It’s something I know in my head, but find myself forgetting the importance of.  A memory of my initial consecration preparation fills my thoughts.   I am struck by how independent and self-assured I was, when it was suggested that I work with a spiritual director, I thought;”Why, how hard could this be? After all it was just following the reading in the book.”  With the help of a Priest, that at the time I did not believe was necessary, I quickly realized I was traveling into deep unknown territory and I must learn to discern, ponder and pray about the origins of thoughts, circumstances and impulses. Continue Reading..