Embracing Our Weaknesses

just another

I created it: I know its weakness.

These words spoken by my little boy have me pondering them in relation to our humanity and our creator.

It brings to mind the Tenet “Essence before Existence”;  the teaching that each and every one of us was in the Heart and Mind of God before the world was created.  Everyone who has come before us and each one who will come after us was with Him before he set forth the heavens and the earth.

He knows each of us so intimately, that He created our weaknesses for our benefit.

I know I have fallen into thinking, my weaknesses are my own doing.  From the “I’m just not good at that” to the disappointment/despair we feel when we just don’t seem to measure up to someone else’s standards/expectations  or the standards/expectations we hold for ourselves.

If our God-given weaknesses were created for our benefit then our weaknesses take on a whole new meaning. Continue Reading