Out of the Garden

Out of the Garden
Another day in the Garden

You know what the problem with the world today is?  We tend to think we are the only ones who have ever walked the earth.  By that, I mean, that the problems were are experiencing in our world today are NEW!!! 

They, however, are not!  We might think we have evolved in the years since the Garden, but we have not.  Satan temps us with the same temptation he tempted Eve with, to be like God.  If you get a chance, read the story of creation in Genesis.

The way I read that story is not from a Biblical, historical, or scriptural perspective but from a human one:

Adam and Eve lived in a beautiful garden, where all their wants and needs were met.  They enjoyed complete union with God.  Meaning they were in relationship with Him.  Imagine it in your mind’s eye, it brings to my mind the basis of Sacramental Marriage. Why? Because God fashioned Adam out of the earth, after he had made everything else.  He saw that Adam was lonely, at first God tried to give him purpose by giving him the job of naming all the animals, but he will still lonely.  So he cast Adam into a deep sleep and took his rib and fashioned woman.  Bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, he named her Eve.  Her job was to be Adam’s helpmate, and Adam’s job was to protect her. It doesn’t really say how long they lived blissfully in the garden in complete relationship with God, but it does say they were not alone, as satan was also in the garden.

It’s important to stop and think about who satan is.  He is an Angel, created by God, his name is Lucifer, which means light.  He is the most intelligent of all the angels. He was cast out of Heaven, because he would not serve a God whom he believed would be beneath him.  As God had revealed his plan to create mankind in his image and likeness, created with free will, just like the angels (which were also created by God), for God would not force mankind to love him.  It is their choice, God knew mankind would need help, so He revealed to the angels that He would send his only son to earth, to teach mankind how to live.  Lucifer, in a prideful fit, said, “I will not serve.”  He was cast to earth into the Garden in the form of a snake.

One day, while Eve was enjoying the Garden, the serpent started probing her, by asking simple, inconspicuous little questions, as this is how satan tempts all of us, little by little. We know the story, Eve succumbs and eats the apple, she gives some to her husband and he eats the apple.  As soon as Adam eats the apple, scripture says, they realize they are naked. Notice that it isn’t until both eat the apple, that they realize they are naked.

Immediately, they cover themselves with fig leaves.  They hear God calling them but they hide from him, as they are naked and ashamed.  I wonder sometimes, what did naked mean?  Did they realize they were physically naked or did they suddenly realize their human weaknesses and imperfections?  I think it was both, because they cover themselves with fig leaves and they hide from God.  Don’t we still do the same thing? Cover ourselves and hide from our creator?

By hiding from God they broke the free-flowing communication they had enjoyed daily, they had erected the first barrier.  When Adam finally answers, God asks why they hid, Adam explains they were naked, God asks the fateful question. Did you eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge?

Just imagine for a moment, if Adam would have taken full responsibility for his actions.  Perhaps by saying, “Yes God, I did and I am sorry, please forgive me.” But we all know that is not what happened, he said, “The women, you put here with me, gave it to me to eat and I ate.” God they questions Eve, she could have taken full responsibility and asked forgiveness but she said, “The serpent tricked me into it, so I ate it.”

Sin and blame enters the world!  Nothing new here.

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