You have a VOTE in the Big Clicks Awards!

We have changed things up a bit this month. 
NOW, you can VOTE on your FAVORITE Blog Posts for the MONTH
You may or may not be able to vote for your own (I’m still trying to work that out)
but you get TWO VOTES in each of the FOUR CATEGORIES:
Readings and Reflections
Catechism and Apologetics
Homeschooling and the Liturgical Calendar
Catholic Family Journal

Please participate by adding your favorite posts for the month!
Please support your fellow Catholic Bloggers by visiting the links and voting for your favorites.
Tell your friends to visit the Catholic Bloggers Link-Up Blitz.
They can vote too!
Your participation… visiting blogs, commenting and voting will help us to determine the
usefulness of the Catholic Bloggers Link-Up Blitz
…and will impact our decision to continue it!

One thought on “You have a VOTE in the Big Clicks Awards!

  1. Thanks for all your efforts with the CBN, Monica!
    You are certainly juggling quite a bit with your own family and your blogging….and it's very much appreciated.:)


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