Meatless Friday Recipe: Magnificent Marinara Sauce

Marinara sauce with cheese ravioli or tortellini makes a great (and frugal) Meatless Friday meal! I’m a huge fan of the marinara sauce at the Olive Garden, and it’s easy to make this copycat recipe at home–in about 30 minutes! Wake up the flavor of your herbs and spices by sauteeing them with the onion and garlic. This sauce freezes well, so make a double batch if you like!

ravioli marinara

Get the recipe and nutrition information for Magnificent Marinara Sauce here!

Meatless Friday Recipe: Cod Piccata

While I try not to serve extravagant seafood (such as shrimp) during Lent, I do make an effort to serve meatless dishes my family will enjoy. I based this recipe on a favorite chicken piccata dish. Cod is inexpensive; I purchase it in individually-quick-frozen portions when it’s on sale.

cod piccata W

You can find the recipe and nutrition facts for Cod Piccata here.

Don’t forget to donate the savings from your simple Lenten meal to a worthy cause such as CRS Rice Bowl or a local food pantry or soup kitchen!

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