Meatless Friday Recipe: Mac-n-Cheese with Crab

This Mac-n-Cheese dish sure beats the stuff in the box, and it’s quite easy to make. If you don’t have shell macaroni, use elbows, cavatappi, or any small pasta with some texture for holding in the sauce. Using imitation crab meat for this recipe keeps it budget-friendly. (It’s imitation crab, made with real fish!) This casserole is great with a salad and crusty bread.

crab mac n cheese 2

Get the recipe and nutrition facts for Mac-n-Cheese with Crab right here!

Don’t forget to donate the savings from your simple Lenten Friday meal to a worthy cause such as CRS Rice Bowl or your local food pantry or soup kitchen!

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Easter Decorating with Peeps

Not much for eating Peeps.  Peeps make me laugh.  For me, they are a humorous part of my college graduation memories….

But for Easter decorating, well these Peeps take the cake! This is an Easter cake I made a few years back.

On Pinterest,  I have seen Peeps in wreaths

and Peeps on skewers!

It all has me imagining Peeps on swags like garlands and Peeps on sticks in flower bouquets and a college door…old, hardened Peeps on it and a night of revelry with my sistas!

Yeah, Peeps make me laugh….

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Artisan bread – only 4 ingredients

The Lord’s Prayer, as taught to us by our Savior, seems simplistic on the surface – yet is profound and multi-faceted in its message. One of the petitioning lines of this prayer has always intrigued me: ‘Give us this day, our daily bread’. Although this sentence of supplication speaks to our daily, physical needs, it has a connotation of so much more. 

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