How to Add Comments to Pages on Blogger

Welcome to the Blog Academy!

Problem:  So you set your blog up and added pages (not regular blog posts) but instead pages and created the nice row of tabs up top (you also have the option to place them on the side bar but you can’t seem to allow visitors to comment on these pages?

Solution:  Here is a step by step solution to adding comments to your pages on Blogger.:

1.  Make sure you are signed in (upper right-hand corner), if you aren’t do so now.

2.  Click on Design.

3.  Next click on Posting (upper left-hand corner of the tabs).  It looks like this:

4.  Click on Edit Pages.

5.  Underneath the title of each page you will see three options, select “Edit”.

6.  Now look at the bottom of the page, you will see the Orange “Publish Page” button, right above it, are the words, “Post Options” click on that.  It looks like this:

7.  Where it says, “Readers Comments” on the left, select: “Allow”.

8.  Then click on “Publish Page”.  You should get a confirmation that says, Your page was published successfully!”

9.  If you would like to add comments to other pages, repeat steps #1-8 above.  (You could also verify that this is working properly on your blog by clicking on, “View Page”.

If you run into any problems, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back with you ASAP.  We hope this little tutorial has helped you with your blog today.  Thank you for visiting us.

Erika @ Blog Academy Team