Something NEW at the Catholic Bloggers Network!

Hey, who wants this Catholic Bloggers Network Facebook Group
to ROCK?!?

The Admins are talking ..and looking for ways to encourage
more sharing and liking and commenting and support and subscribers for the
Catholic Bloggers Network and the blogs of all its’ members. Although many of
us share posts on FB…there isn’t enough sharing of other people’s posts,
promoting fellow Catholic Bloggers and happy commenting.

Are you up for it?
1. Do you want to be part of another Follow Frenzy: a link-up of awesome posts
along with a commitment to visit the other linked up posts and leave meaningful
comments. The last one was a big success!

2. Do you want to be part of the Blog Critique Co-op: do you want to be on the
panel to critique Catholic blogs? Catholic Bloggers have expressed an interest
in having their blogs critiqued…and as the “critique-er” your bio
and a link to your blog would appear. Open for suggestions as to how many
critique-ers should be assigned to each blog critique?

3. Do you want to be a Catholic Bloggers Network Facebook Group Facilitator: do you want to be part of
the elite group of moderators, committed to active involvement in this group,
moderating as necessary, commenting regularly and looking for new ways to
increase participation and effectiveness of promotion of Catholic Bloggers?

4. Do you want to be a Catholic Bloggers Network Website Facilitator.
Be assigned to a particular page or feature at www.CatholicBloggersNetwork,
answering comments and looking for ways to help the Catholic Bloggers Network
website ROCK.

5. Do you have special technical expertise in blogging? Would
you consider fielding technical questions about wordpress, blogger, SEO, social
media, widgets, gadgets, plugins, ETC.?!? Again, as a Catholic Bloggers Tech
Consultant, your bio and a link to your blog would appear.

6. Would you like to submit a proposal for a Catholic Homeschooling Article? Submit your article
for review and potential publishing in a prominent Homeschooling Resource!
Want to get involved?

Please Fill Out The Catholic Bloggers Network Rocks! Form

Do you have other ideas for things YOU would like to see at
the Catholic Bloggers Network?

A Bulletin Board to trade or coordinate Guest Posts?
The Official Catholic Bloggers Network Directory published?
Access and Magnified Promotion of the Catholic Resource
More promotion of Catholic Etsy Shops, Catholic Family
Businesses and Apostolates
Do you have suggestions to entice Catholic Bloggers 
to encourage and
promote fellow Catholic Bloggers!?

Have you seen cool features, events and services on other
big blogs…that you’d like us to tackle on our own Catholic Bloggers Network…either through our
Catholic Bloggers Network website
Tell us about it! 
Please Fill Out
The Catholic Bloggers Network Rocks! Form

If you are interested in making the Catholic Bloggers
an awesome venue to promote Catholic blogs
If you have ideas about Events, Features or Services 
you would like to see at the Catholic Bloggers Network
If you are willing to participate MORE, discover awesome
Catholic Blogs