Keep Christ in Christmas Blog Link-Up!

small Keep Christ in Christmas

Check out this growing list of awesome reflections and activities!
Visit often as this list will be updated frequently and will include over 50 Catholic Blog links!
Visit the linked-up posts and comment! We’d love to hear how YOU
Keep Christ in Christmas too!

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God: Not Christmas as Usual

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in Christmas

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Christ in Christmas

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Blessings in Brelinskyville:  Advent Traditions Old and New

Ave Momma: Advent: New Year’s Resolutions


8 thoughts on “Keep Christ in Christmas Blog Link-Up!

  1. I may be too late here, but I'd love to join up and comment on others' blogs. I just added a blog post with a bunch of online Advent resources that I'm going to be using this year to help me stay Christ-focused this Advent.

  2. Monica,

    Thank you so much for organising this link-up. I have visited all the blogs in my group (and a couple extra) and commented! I really enjoyed reading all the posts and meeting some new (to me) bloggers. It was good to share ideas. I'm now off to look at some Advent music that was recommended.

    I hope you're having a very blessed Advent.

  3. Finished commenting on the follow frenzy. Thank you so much for putting this together, I can only imagine the work it took to keep it all organized! I have found so many great new blogs, and of course, lots of ways to celebrate Advent!

  4. I just finished the "Follow Frenzy" and although it was full of "frenzy-ness", it was also alot of fun and I learned so much! I love seeing how everyone keeps Christ in Christmas and I got some great new ideas which is a blessing and a curse at the same time for me! LOL! Thank you Monica for organizing this link up party! May God bless you this Advent season!

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