It happened on a Double Decker bus in Rome…

As I rode on the top of the double decker bus, snapping pictures of the inspiring Churches and monuments, soaking in the Italian sun…I wondered how I had won this awesome adventure.

In a single shot, it was suddenly an experience in the heart: not just a nice thought I had been told, I had read or I had rationalized to believe. Smiling from ear to ear….I realized that I was at that moment experiencing exactly what I had been asking for….for over 20 years…

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Monica is a wife and a Mom
of 5+ kids, a designer, an architecture school survivor, an author and a
crafter. Together with her husband Bill, she founded a
Catholic apostolate called Arma Dei
(Armor of God; Ephesians 6:13-17) creating solid Catholic, fun teaching tools
and gifts to celebrate and teach the Catholic Faith. She writes about these
family-building and Faith-centred crafts on