First Ever! Catholic Blogger Spotlight ((1))

Our first ever
Catholic Blogger Spotlight!

Introducing The Ramblings of a Crazy Face

The Ramblings of a Crazy Face Facebook Page
Twitter: @LovingStacey

How do you help Catholics through your blog?
I just try to tell my story as honest and open as I can. I submit to all Catholic Church teaching, so if I am wrong about something then I don’t mind anyone telling me.

Who is your favorite Saint and why?
Blessed Mother Teresa, Blessed John Paul II, and St Therese. All three have made it obvious that they are a part of my life, and that they are praying for me. Mother Teresa, because I know what spiritual dryness feels like, and she felt it worse. If she kept going then so can I. JPII, because I saw him as a teenager and he gave me hope. And St Therese, because I learned about her from my husband’s mother.

What are some things that few people know about you?
Nothing! I have a big mouth and I love to talk and share my story, any part that will help anyone. I’m an open book. Good, bad and ugly.

What are your three favorite/most popular blog posts?
How God has helped me with the pain of my past.
the story of the child that I lost and how I came to name her.
How God used sheep to show me that there is nothing He wouldn’t do for me. Ever.

List your three favorite Catholic or Catholic resource websites:
Conversion Diary
Catholic Sistas
National Catholic Register

How long have you been blogging?
less than 1 year*
(*OK, it’s been about 6 months since we collected all this info…so it could be a year by now. =)

How do you find time to blog? Why do you find it important to blog?
I don’t. It is the last thing on my list. I want to start setting aside time atleast once a week to blog, but I’m working on finding that time. LOL

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