Embrace Confidence in God

How much confidence in God do you have that He will address your every need? Your outlook makes all the difference. To embrace confidence in God and ourselves, we must first acknowledge that doubts and fears are part of our existence. Doubts and fears are the prime drivers for lack of confidence in God and ourselves. However, it is how we handle those doubts and fears that … Read more…

2 thoughts on “Embrace Confidence in God

  1. I can't seem to memorize quotes…but there is a quote I love about the sanctity of St Therese…that she had "confidence to the point of audacity in the love of God the Father."
    Hmmm…I'd like that too. =)

    1. Funny you should bring that up. I am just about ready to start reading her book, The Story of a Soul. I'll be on the lookout for the quote. I will most likely find it in her book. I love St. Therese!.

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