Change Me

In my own arrogance,
and with the idealism of youth,
I tried to mold myself
into a new, better self
all on my own.
I immersed myself in the culture and literature of the Church,
embracing simplicity and a disciplined prayer life
taking myself on
through spiritual direction and inner healing.
I spurned materialism and the culture of modern society
as I mothered nine children on a small farm
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Melanie Jean Juneau is wife and mother of nine children. The very existence of a joyful mother of nine children seems to confound people. Her writing is humorous and heart warming; thoughtful and thought provoking with a strong current of spirituality running through it. Part of her call and her witness is to write the truth about children, family, marriage and the sacredness of life.She blogs at joy of nine9 and mother of nine9