Catholic Bloggers Spotlight ((4)): Reasons for Chocolate

Catholic Blogger Spotlight ((4))
Introducing Patty from…
Reasons for Chocolate
How do you help Catholics through blogging?
If there were one thing I would feel comfortable saying about my blog is that I want others to learn it is okay to have fun with your faith, to relax, to enjoy while growing in wisdom. Life happens and life is too short.

What is your favorite Link-Up Party?
Advent Traditions – hosted by Jen at Forever,
For Always No Matter What.
A group of ladies gathered to share their family traditions for the Advent season. It was amazing to see so many wonderful ideas compiled into one place! A LOT of work went into that link up 🙂
Another favorite would be Celebrating Easter – hosted by Catholic Cuisine.

Who is your favorite Saint?

It depends on my hour of need! Saint Anthony never has failed me. Ever! Saint Jude has stormed the heavens for me on many occasions. Our Lady and Saint Ann inspire me on a daily basis to be a better mother and wife. Saint Gerard helped me through some very dark moments in my life. Saint Nicholas will always hold a special place in my heart.

What are some things that few people know about you?
I sleep walk. The more tired or anxious I am at bedtime, the more I walk in my sleep.

I “sing” opera to my baby when she is fussy. It ALWAYS gets her to stop crying and then laugh!
What are your three favorite/most popular blog posts?

A Twist On The Jesse Tree. This was an amazing project our homeschool group did last year.

Mind Your Own Business! Tells it how it was to grow up in a very large family. (One of my favorites!)
Twas The Night Before Vacation. In honor of my mother. I totally “get” what she meant when she would say, “I wish your father would take all of you on vacation for one week and leave me behind to have the house by myself.”

How long have you been blogging and why is it important to you?
I started in April of 2010. It has been so rewarding.
Blogging not only keeps me sane but teaches me to see all the good in my life and to really enjoy it.
Why do you find it important to blog?
For many reasons: personal record, I feel like I’m talking to another adult, growth in faith, new friends across the miles, and a good reminder of how blessed I am.

…and we’ve added a few more questions to the Catholic Bloggers Spotlight, so we asked Patty (Reasons for Chocolate)…

Who would you most like to meet in Heaven?
My children. My siblings. My grandparents. And to see my own father again.
What do you like most about being Catholic?
Oh my goodness! Our faith is SO tangible. It really uses all five senses. Most importantly though is the Holy Eucharist. How powerful and amazing is that!
If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
I must say that I love learning about my roots. My father was mostly Irish with some English in him as well. My mother is 100% Slovenian. She was able to visit her “homeland” twice, seeing the church and baptismal font that her father was baptized in! I would love to visit these places.
What have you learned from your kids?
Forgiveness and love of life.

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