Catholic Bloggers Link-Up Blitz is OPEN for JULY!

We are trying something NEW this month!
Please visit the Link-Up Blitz OFTEN and visit as many of the linked-up posts as possible.  You will be able to VOTE for your two favorite posts IN EACH CATEGORY during the last 6 days of the month (beginning July 26).
Feel free to vote for your own linked post once…but please also vote for at least one other blogger’s post in each category!
Please make your choice based on actual VISITS to other blogs. Thanks!
Depending on the response we get…this VOTING will be THE MAIN FACTOR in the
BIG CLICKS BLOGGER AWARDS announced on July 31st.
Don’t forget that you always have access to our ARCHIVES:
Happy Catholic Blogging!

3 thoughts on “Catholic Bloggers Link-Up Blitz is OPEN for JULY!

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