Catholic Bloggers BIG CLICK Report for April!

These are the Big Clicks Catholic Bloggers  for the month of  April! 
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Announcing the Big Clicks Catholic Bloggers!!
In the category of…

Readings and Reflections, the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is:
Tercets for the post: Thinking about Divine Mercy
Liturgical Calendar Crafts and Homeschooling, the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is
Life at Le. Rheims for Mary’s Sedative: The Rosary 
Catechism and Apologetics, the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is
The Breadbox Letters for the post: The Nourishment of Prayer 
Catholic Family Journal, the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is
The Cloistered Heart for the post: A Seamless Gift 
Catholic Review, the Big Clicks Catholic Bloggers
tied for BIGGEST CLICKS are:
Through My “I”s for the review of The Temperament God gave your Kids
Dwell in Glory for the post: Not a Creature was Stirring

4 thoughts on “Catholic Bloggers BIG CLICK Report for April!

  1. I am honored to receive this award and to share it with these blogs; thank you for hosting these round ups every month.

  2. I am deeply honored, especially since the real writers were my friend Rose and the great St. Francis de Sales. All the blogs in the round ups are wonderful… it's such a blessing to be connected together as Catholics sharing the Faith.

  3. I always to forget to look on the monthly roundups and to post there…I always just check the emails or the board! I am thrilled to see one of my posts getting a big click!! Thanks!!

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