Catholic Blogger Spotlight {2}: Catholic Sistas!

Catholic Blogger Spotlight ((2))

Catholic Sistas

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How do you help Catholics through the Catholic Sistas blog?

We seek to catechize and bring Catholics of all walks to know the Faith even better than they already do. After several generations of poor catechesis, we feel very strongly about evangelizing and re-evangelizing Catholics, no matter where they are in their faith journey.
Our topics cover anything and everything from catechesis, conversion and reversion stories, testimonies, abortion, respect life, humor, the did you know factoid series, recipes, crafts, etc. We seek to connect with as many people as possible using various topics.

Who is the favorite Saint …of Catholic Sistas?

Try as we might, we could not be contained to just one saint. Just as we are many contributors, we have many saints who we turn to, to help guide our evangelization efforts. I like to refer to them as our “”all star”” patron saint cast. They are: our Blessed Mother, St. Joan of Arc, St. Teresa of Avila and St. Maximilian Kolbe. We also love Blessed JPII {as it was his vision for the new evangelization} and Fulton Sheen, who was instrumental in evangelizing using media.

What are some things that few people know about Catholic Sistas?

Most people don’t realize that the contributors already had an existing comaraderie in place when the blog was created. Imagine if 40 {at the time} of your online friends who you chat with daily decided to take those conversations and turn them into blog posts. The result would be a different kind of blog chemistry. The women of this blog all have the same goal in mind – to bring others to know, love, and serve Christ – and many of our conversations are spirited in getting the very best out of each other. We are truly sisters in Christ and not just a random gathering of people who chat once in a while.

What are Catholic Sistas’ three favorite/most popular blog posts?

LadyRibbon and her creation as the first Catholic pro-life ribbon 

List your three favorite Catholic or Catholic resource websites:

Conversion Diary
Relevant Radio
National Catholic Register

How long have you been blogging?

We have been blogging less than 1 year with over 50 contributors: it affords us the ability to write with a more relaxed schedule – the pressure to have to write ourselves several times a week is eliminated.

Why do you find it important to blog?

Catholic Sistas is a multi-contributor blog of over 50 women, centered on sharing the Faith from a feminine perspective. We also feature men to share their perspective from time to time.

Check out Catholic Sistas! The vast number of contributors is what makes this blog not only awesome but unique and each post is thoughtful and inspiring.

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