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In an effort to streamline the Catholic Bloggers Network, we
are currently reviewing our roster of contributors and would like to invite new Catholic Bloggers  to consider this wonderful venue. 
By posting on one of our FOUR Contributor
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Choose from:

Scripture, Readings and Reflections

Catechism and Apologetics and Catholic Product Reviews

The Liturgical Calendar and Homeschooling

Catholic Family Journal

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1.  Be Considerate: Please post up to ONCE a week in your category to give others a chance! We have the Monthly Blog Link-Up Blitz and other special events, so that everyone can regularly share multiple posts from their Catholic blog.


2.  Be Brief: We are happy to help you increase traffic on your
site! Please post only 1-2 photos and a brief summary of your post, with a link
to your complete blog post. We also appreciate unique posts…and not identical
posts to what you have already published on your blog.

You can include the following: “Read the entire story
at {link to full post on your blog}”

With shorter entries, readers can skim through many more
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information…increasing traffic to your site!

3.  Promote the Catholic Bloggers Network:  Please have at least one clearly visible
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4.  Be Friendly: Include a short signature biography with a
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Monica is a wife, Mom of 5+ kids, a designer, an architecture school survivor, an author and a crafter who thinks it’s cool to be Catholic! Check out the Arma Dei Shoppe for solid Catholic, fun teaching tools and gifts to celebrate and teach the Catholic Faith and subscribe to Equipping Catholic Families for family-building and Faith-centered crafts!

and most importantly:

5.  Be Catholic: This blog posts only material and ideas that
are in conformity with the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Sacred
Scripture, the Apostolic See, and Catholic Tradition. Anything that is contrary
to the aforementioned is accidental and unintentional and will likely be removed.

If you happen to find a contrary post linked to the Catholic
Bloggers Network
, please contact us immediately so that we can address it
appropriately: mmcconkey{a t} rogers {dot} com

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