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Announcing the Big Clicks Catholic Bloggers!!
In the category of…

Readings and Reflections,
 the Big Clicks Catholic Bloggers are:

A Prayer Corner for the post
He Beholds
Small Things With Love for the post
2 Years Today

Liturgical Calendar Crafts and Homeschooling,
the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is:

Reasons For Chocolate for the post
Had to Share

Catechism and Apologetics,
the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is
The Cloistered Heart for the post

Catholic Family Journal,
the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is

Reasons for Chocolate for the post
Palo Duro Canyon, Texas


Catholic Review,
the Big Clicks Catholic Bloggers is
A Catholic Reader for the post
21 Ways to Worship

Random, the Big Clicks Catholic Bloggers is
The Breadbox Letters for the post
Blue Velvet Ribbons on Purple Cake

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