Big Clicks Awards: Catholic Boy Richard, Winter Past, Speramus and The Breadbox Letters

Welcome to the
2013 Catholic Blogger Link-Up Blitz.
Announcing the Big Clicks Catholic Bloggers
for February 2013!
In the category of…

Readings and Reflections,
the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is:
Catholic Boy Richard for the post
10 Ways NOT to pray the Rosary

Liturgical Calendar Crafts and Homeschooling,
the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is:
Winter Past for the post
Gathering the Daily Manna

Catechism and Apologetics,
the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is
Speramus (We Hope!) for the post
Our Lady of Lourdes Strengthen Us

Catholic Family Journal and Random Ramblings,
the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is
The Breadbox Letters for the post
It Worked

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Here’s the shortcut:

Sole Searching Mamma: 15 Ways to
Experience a More Meaningful Lent

Catholic All Year: My Biggest Lent Fails and How I
Learned Mortification…

Four Little Ones: Keeping Love in

Gaels Crafty Treasures Keeping Love in

Bear Wrongs Patiently: Lent for the

Rosary Mom: Keeping Love in

LoveLetters 7.10: Teacups
{Keeping the Love in Lent}

Little Saints in the Making:
Keep Love in Lent

Blessed with Full Hands: Keeping
love in Lent- Praise Him

Normal Chaos: Our Own
Personalized Lenten Journey

These Little Blessings: Gifting
Love this Lent

The Cajun Catholic: The our
Father; a lenten reflection

Truly Rich Mom: Keeping Love in
Lent… Even When It Is Difficult


SaIsa Pang Sulyap – Fullness Of
His Love

LiturgicalTime: Keeping Love in
Lent – Finding Balance

Grace Loves Iggy: love in

Sacred Oysters: Empty (Keeping

Tercets:Make Heart Rosary
Decades to Pray for Others

The Diary of a Sower: Our Lenten
Prayer Tree

A Living Garden — Giving for
Others with Love: Keeping LOVE in LENT

Homegrown Catholics: Motivated
by my childrens’ activities {Lent}

MyBroken Fiat: Keeping Love in
Lent… Barely

Journey to Wisdom: Keeping Love
in Lent: Bands of Love

Softening My Heart: An
Anniversary Lesson duringLent

Coffee Moments With
Sam: Alot about Love…

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