Better late than never: Big Clicks Awards for SEPTEMBER!

Sorry that this is ridiculously late…to announce the Big Clicks Awards for September!

Here are the awesome Catholic posts that were linked up to the Monthly Link-Up Blitz…that received the MOST clicks!

1. Joy Alive in our Hearts for the post New Evangelizers: What Are You Waiting For?

2. Campfires and Cleats for the plea for help for Catholic Blogger Mary Lenaburg. 

It’s not too late to pray or pay…to help this dear family!  Over $10 000 has been raised (Wow!)…but $30 000 is needed as the family supports Courtney in her last days. Thank you to Chris for starting this initiative…and all the Catholic Bloggers who extended the plea on their own Catholic Blogs and social media.
Please continue to help get the word out and support the Lenaburgs with your prayers and donations!

3. Oh…and that’s me: Equipping Catholic Families for the post The Coolest Catechist’s Classroom

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