Free Lent Cheat Sheet!

Do you ever have trouble remembering what you can eat during Lent? 

Or maybe you do remember, but you always seem to forget that it’s Friday? (That happens in our house sometimes!)


Growing up, my family never observed Lent, so when I married into a Catholic Family, I really didn’t know what to do or how to participate. Although it all seems pretty simple now, I still remember just how confused and frustrated I was when I was first learning the rules.


That’s why I made this handy Lent printable — so anyone who is planning on participating in Lent this year could do so easily, without all the confusion and frustration I felt.


Free cheat sheet: What Can I Eat During Lent? (This is SO helpful!)


Want a printable copy for yourself? It’s free!

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This printable cheat sheet not only has all the Lent rules you need to know – all in one place – but it’s great for printing out and hanging on your refrigerator so you never forget when Friday rolls around.

Plus, it even has 8 quick and easy Lent meal ideas for those busy nights when you need to get dinner on the table in a hurry!


Grab Your Free Printable Cheat Sheet Here!




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