The Virtue of Diligence

What pivotal role does the overlooked virtue of diligence play in helping us get to Heaven? How is it aligned with the virtue of Faith? Diligence requires perseverance and organization to see a task through to the end. Have you ever tried to do too much, and as a result, nothing gets done well because you spread yourself too thin? Saint Francis de Sales gives us some great guidance in this matter. Read more…

Practicing Faithfulness

Practicing faithfulness – Do you stand firm in your faith, or do you compromise at the expense of your faith? What is your trust factor in God? Practicing faithfulness, I will say up front, is easier said than done. To be faithful to God and to not give in to self-pride, fears and doubts, one must engage in persistent prayer, always asking for increased faith and trust in God. Read more…

Meaning of Life – From a Third Grader

Have you found your “meaning of life?” Have you sat on the sidelines, or have you followed your dreams? What are the “what ifs” of your life? Finding the meaning of life – It’ what we all do from birth to death. We ask questions. We pose “what ifs” throughout our lives. Yet when we are at the end of lives, what will we regret the most?  Find out what a third grader offers as his advice to us adults. Read more…

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