Contributor’s Lounge: Tips and Guidelines!

Hello Contributors!

I realize that this transfer to WordPress has complicated posting for some of you. Sorry about that!

I have been receiving a good amount of questions and there seems to be a good amount of confusion!

You have all been given “Author” status which means that you should be able to upload pictures and publish your posts without review.

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1.  Again, please keep your post SHORTlike under 250 words*.

* Yes, that’s even shorter than what was written in our previous guidelines. Ideally, we would be able to fit a short paragraph or two across a number of new posts each day! If you are posting an excerpt from a longer post on your blog:

  • Please include  “Read more…” at the bottom of your text.
  • Highlight the text and click on the hyperlink icon  in the menu above the post text box.
  • Add the specific url address of your related post on your blog (not the homepage of your blog)

2.  When posting pictures:

  • Please include in the caption the source for your picture and please only use Copyright-approved images.
  • If you would like a picture to appear on the home page with the excerpt from your post, please select “add media”, then “featured image” and select the picture (even if it already appears within the post)
  • Please upload pictures preferably under 100KB for the sake of the size of the Catholic Bloggers Network blog and our shared server!  Pictures can not be wider than about 400 px to fit on the page! Consider a program like PNG Gauntlet  to shrink big jpegs to a reasonable KB size (under 100KB!)
  • When you have uploaded a picture within your post, you can click on the picture to see a menu offering alignment (left, centered, right) and a pencil icon for editing. The pencil icon allows you to choose a custom size (make sure that the height adjusts with the width to keep proportions the same). The pencil icon also allows you to add a caption…and if you select “custom url” instead of  ‘link to “media file”‘, your picture can be linked to a specific page or post on your blog! Neat, eh?

3. Please contribute 1-2posts/week or at least once/month!

Please post not more than once or twice a week…but hopefully at least once a month.

For now, we do not have a schedule! Please be aware of recently published posts and scheduled posts (look in the dashboard for posts>all posts>scheduled).

MOST IMPORTANTLY, please be patient and flexible as we assess how it all works out!

Make sense? We like to see everyone get their time at the top of the blog and we like to hear from as many Catholic Bloggers as possible…so we hope that you won’t forget to post at least once a month.

4. Please share posts from the Catholic Bloggers Network on social media. A good rule of thumb is…for every time you promote one of your own posts, please share 2 others by fellow Catholic Bloggers. The more people we bring to the Catholic Bloggers Network…the more promotion you’ll enjoy for your own Catholic blog!

We plan to have special link-ups on specific Feastdays and throughout certain Seasons so that everyone can share their related posts.

Please keep an eye on the website…and if possible, select “get notifications” on our when you like our FB page and join our FB group.

5. Please select the most appropriate categories and tags for each of your posts (as you publish) to help with the organization of the site. They show up first as the “most used”. Please avoid adding new categories or tags so that we can populate the ones we already have. In particular, please select one of these top tags:

  1.  Catechism and Apologetics
  2. Family Journal
  3. Liturgical Calendar
  4. Home School
  5. Reading and Reflection
  6. Product Reviews

 6. Please have at least one clearly visible Catholic Bloggers Network button on the home page of your blog.  If you’d like to include a link at the end of the post on your blog, we’d appreciate that too!

Catholic Bloggers Network buttons should be linked to

I’m going to post the html code. If you can copy and paste this right into a text widget in your sidebar (or with the text -not visual- setting in a post on your blog: please confirm that it links to the Catholic Bloggers Network when it appears on your blog! Here’s the code:

<a href=””><img class=”aligncenter wp-image-2134 size-thumbnail” src=”×150.png” alt=”CBN button” width=”150″ height=”150″ /></a>


800px logo 2014 Sept

CBN button7. Try to include a signature biography with a small photo or blog button. We are working to streamline this process!  Please make sure that you’ve filled out your bio in your user profile…and if you figure out how to insert your favorite profile pic: please let us know how! (We think the avatar is linked to the wordpress email address login)

8. Be Catholic. We’re sure that we don’t really need to write this, but… Please kindly remember…This blog attempts to post only material and ideas that are in conformity with the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, the Apostolic See, and Catholic Tradition. Anything that is contrary to the aforementioned is accidental and unintentional and will likely be removed.

Contributors will be warned and likely quietly removed from the Contributor list with their login privileges revoked. If you happen to find a contrary post linked to the Catholic Bloggers Network …please contact us so that we can address it appropriately.

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