Catholic Bloggers Spotlight!

We plan to interview one Catholic blogger a month! This interview is to help Catholic bloggers get the word out about their mission and for readers to find new blogs that interest them.

We are currently looking for Catholic bloggers to spotlight! 
Would you like to be in the spotlight?

Contact Jennifer at:
Jennifer {at} catholicinspired {DoT} Com
Please include the word “spotlight” in the subject.

When emailing, please include the information listed below:
Cut and paste these question into your email and answer them as best you can. It’s like a test about you!! Have fun! 🙂

Your Name:
Blog Name:
Blog Address:
Describe your blog:
How long have you been blogging?
How do you help Catholics through your blog?
How do you find time to blog? Why is it important to find this time?
What are your 3 favorite/most popular posts on your blog? (with links, please.)
What are your favorite link-up parties? (if any)
List your three favorite Catholic blogs or resource websites? (with links, please.)
What are some things that few people know about you?
Who would you most like to meet in Heaven and what would you ask or say to them?
Who is your favorite saint and why?
What do you love most about being Catholic?
Would you like to share us anything else?

Note: These questions will help us get started, but we may have a few more to ask based on your answers! So be prepared! 🙂 
Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you in the spotlight! 

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