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Catechism, Apologetics and Theology


Allison in
(Tumblr for Photography and
Memes pertaining to Catholic issues) 

CatholicApologetics (Provide
Apologetics and Reflection of the Gospel)


By Choice
   (Wife, mom, physician writes about why she is
Catholic by choice.)           


Convert Journal (One guy’s journey in the
Catholic Church)

JOY     (thoughtful + thought provoking articles, heartwarming or
humorous short stories from a Catholic perspective)   


QuidquidEst, Est!
(A Catholic Apologetics Q & A blog)                                       


RealCatholic Love and Sex            (Family Life and Love)           
SouthernFried Faith            (Reflections of a Catholic


Speramus-WeHope (A Call to Prayer and Sacrifice for the Triumph
of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!)


TheCajun Catholic   (Catholicism from the perspective of a South
Louisiana Cajun)



Nutshell Blog

(Not so random thoughts on faith, culture, stewardship, & catechesis)


The Spirit
    (To love and learn about our rich Catholic


The Veil of

(Wisdom and Hope for Single Girls)  



 Theological-Librarian           (My thoughts on redemptive suffering, the writings of
Venerable Fulton Sheen, and other theological topics.)        


Tuesday Afternoons
          (First-time catechist living in
Switzerland writing about God, family, travel, books, yoga.)
UltraCatholic (Catholic New Media Directory)        


Lux Mea
        (Gems of the Catholic Faith I discover
while I journey)


Sanctified and Justified

(A blog for Scripture study and discussion)                                                                                         

Catholic Crafts for the Liturgical Calendar
Family Journal
A Catholic Mom
Climbing the Pillars
  (A Catholic mom
learning and sharing all things Catholic)    
Anima Kinsi (“Ne permittas me
separari a te”)         
Assorted Joys (Finding joy in family, faith, homeschooling,
and other adventures)
be merry, kate (wife, new mama, catholic, accountant blogger,
runner, crafter…)
Bear Wrongs Patiently
(Creating a domestic church, one day at a time.)
Blessed with Full Hands (a
compilation of our family life, homeschooling, fitness and my love for orphans)         
Call Her Happy           (
Catholic All Year         (Homemaking, Homeschooling, &
Catholic Life.)     
Catholic and Crunchy (An array of
faith, healthy, and fun!)
Catholic Baby Steps   (Celebrating and living our faith)
  Catholic Me (I Am Blessed)              
A Mid-Life Faith Journey: CHOCOLATE FOR YOUR BRAIN!                   
Luminous Joyful Glorious and sometimes sorrowful journey of a mother of ten
Eyes On Heaven        (A Catholic perspective on life – keeping our eyes on
heaven…faith and family, DIY, homemaking, travels, reflections… ) 
Felix at Fifty  (A blog about food, faith,
family and finding fulfilment at (and after) fifty)               
Little Ones
          (Choatic Catholic
family life) 
Grow the Roses (Catholic
family life, the media, culture, Theology of the Body and how they should
Hand-Maid With Love (Family Journal
& Catholic Homeschooling)
Homeschooling with Joy        (A journal of our homeschooling family’s
life, Catholic, pro-life, random musings, and pregnancy loss resources)                
JOYfilledfamily           (Sharing our JOY and daily liturgical
Just a Smidgen of Love          (I love cooking and sharing a meal
(special meals for Saints’ days) with family and friends)           
at Le. Rheims
       (Living a Big Life
in a Small Space)     
Martin Family Moments          (Trying to keep sane with 5 kids and a
Maybe someone should write that
     (guide to writing your
family tree in story form)
Men Like Wine   (Appreciating life is
hardly different from appreciating wine, it just takes more insight)              
Merely A Woman        Fam Journal                                        Thoughts of A Young Woman,
Endeavoring To Find The Natural Order In Life      
Messy Wife, Blessed Life   (A blog about marriage, motherhood, fashion,
& faith.)                 
Mommy Bares All       (Reflections and experiences of a Catholic homeschooling mom)
My Broken Fiat           (Just a Catholic woman working on
getting back to Heaven with her atheist husband and toddler son in tow.)    
Normal Chaos   (Attempting
to raise babies, toddlers, teens and teens with Grace!)           
homeschool to homestead family serving in local Catholic parish)           
Open Window (Living as a Catholic family created through
Our ABC Life             
Deacon + Mama + Two Girls = Our Amazing, Beautiful, Crazy… Life)        
Our Field of Little Flowers       (I blog about faith, family, and cookie
Passionate Perseverance       (faith, family, food, fiction &
living life fully)         
pickles and beans  (My blog is a place where i journal about it
     (Things I learn about
Catholicism and my journey)
Riding Shotgun           (The thoughts and experiences of a
Catholic Navy wife.)
        (Everyday celebrations and creative
solutions in a Catholic home)                          
slim volume     (A recovering co-Dependent strives to know, love and serve God)
Sole Searching  (A mix of homeschooling, health, fitness,
faith and family! )
The Catholic Homemaker   (Start doing small things with GREAT LOVE at
These Little Blessings    (A
celebration of all the little blessings that make up the greater gift of life)                                     
Totus Tuus Family &
Catholic Homeshool
Mass- Saints- ProLife – Photography blog)            
Truly Rich Mom          (A Catholic mom’s blog providing practical inspiration,
heartfelt tips and family-friendly recommendations.)                                 
WeVlog           (Teaching
the Catholic faith through humor, drama, and a smile)                 








Chocolate for your Brain

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