Attention: Catholic Blogger Contributors!

Welcome to the Catholic Bloggers Network!
Many of you have already joined and are participating in the new Catholic Bloggers Network on facebook and on the Catholic Bloggers Network blog.  We just wanted to let you know that we are now opening up the Catholic Bloggers Contributors pages.  If you would like to be a regular contributor to these pages, please respond with comments on this post (mentioning your Catholic blog address, your email address and which category you would like to contribute in).
Please keep in mind:
1. Try to limit your posts to one category.  (No repeat posts across multiple categories)
2. We may end up creating a posting schedule if there are many contributors in one category, so that everyone gets some time in the spotlight. In any case, please post only ONE post at a time…and unless you post about DAILY Scripture readings…please only post once or twice a week.

3. As a courtesy to the other contributors…please shorten ridiculously long posts =)…so that previous posts are still visible on the page.  If we get many posts each day, we may need to consider partial feeds which would automatically shorten everyone’s posts. 
Remember…you can always include a “read the entire post here” and a link.

4. We would like you to have a small blog button or portrait at the end of your post, with a brief introduction of you and your Catholic blog.  Please feel free to link back to your blog to increase traffic on your site!  We hope to create a standard template for the introduction…we will keep you posted!
5.  We would also like all Contributors to have at least one Catholic Bloggers Network button on their blogs, linking back to our Catholic Bloggers Network .   Help us spread the word! 
These are the different Catholic Bloggers Contributors pages:
Don’t forget to Link your Blog and check out all the Catholic Link-Up parties
or add your favorite Catholic post for the week at our Weekly Round Up.
Looking forward to blogging with you at the Catholic Bloggers Network!

Catholic Bloggers Network

If you are a contributor and would like to add a button to your blog, here it is!

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Do you post REVIEWS or PROMOS about Catholic books, gifts, artwork or crafts?
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New Catholic Bloggers Network Weekly Round-Up!

Add your posts for the next Weekly Round-Up!
So, we had 33 link-ups in our Weekly Round-Up for the last week
and 19 link-ups in our Catholic Bloggers 4 Life Link-Up.
Hopefully by next week, Monica will figure out how to post stats to see how many people clicked on our links. 
It’s a learning curve.
Have you added our buttons to your blog,
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Have you heard about our upcoming Catholic Bloggers Network Blog Spotlight?
Have you invited all your Catholic Blogger friends
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Help us spread the word!

The Headquarters of Catholic Link-Up Parties!

I hope you enjoy the Catho-LINK LIBRARY, borrowed from Equipping Catholic Families.
Please add your own Catholic Link-Up parties, visit these links and add your own Catholic crafts, activities, celebrations and traditions to the various linkies!
Don’t forget to grab the Catho-LINK LIBRARY button for easy reference and place it on your blog, linking back to the Catholic Bloggers Network.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the button code. Thanks!




Ordinary Time





Take a tour of the Catholic Bloggers Network!

Welcome to the Catholic Bloggers Network!
We’re glad you have dropped by!
(1) The Link your Blog page offers the opportunity for all Catholic Bloggers to link their blogs and since it’s in the form of a Linky, the little thumbnail and title give clues to what the blogs are about.  Check out all the awesome blogs and leave a friendly comment!

(2) The facebook, twitter and Pinterest link-ups on the Network page, offer opportunities to link social media addresses, building connections between new Catholic friends and to strengthen the Catholic Social Media Community!

(3) Every week, the Catholic Bloggers Weekly Round Up will host opportunities to post favorite Catholic Blog posts, of special interest to Catholics!  There are even convenient categories, so that we can zoom in on what is of most interest to each of us and to discover other Catholic Blogs with the same interests!  Choose from:
Liturgical Calendar & Homeschooling,
Sunday Readings & Homilies, 
Catechism and Apologetics and
Catholic Family Journal.

(4) The Events page offers a venue to host special link-ups like our
 first ever “Catholic Bloggers 4 Life” Link-up
Share your pro-life posts before January 22 and let’s see the strong voice we Catholic Bloggers have!

(5) You’ll keep seeing these buttons!  These buttons link to pages of special categories of Catholic posts.  Catholic Bloggers will be able to send their posts directly to these pages through RSS feed.  OK, so I’m still not 100% sure how this is set up or how it works and it’s still UNDER CONSTRUCTION, but I think it’s going to be VERY cool!  You can comment on this post, if you are interested in being part of the RSS Feed…just tell us which category you fit best in, along with your blog address.  (Try to limit it to 2-3 categories!)

(6)  The Catholic Bloggers Shoppe is yet another link-up…for Catholic products created, sold or promoted by Catholic bloggers.  I think it’s about time that we string together a network of our little home businesses and apostolates and support and promote each other.  From a Catholic blogger who has officially made a grand total of 10 cents from Amazon and Adsense combined (I know! not doing so well!), my family apostolate’s Catholic training tools and gifts help to rationalize the vast amount of time I have spent crafting and blogging.

(7)  Check out all the Catholic Link-Up parties in the CathoLINK LIBRARY
Be sure to add you own Catholic Link-Up parties, where they fit!  If the collections are no longer open…just include the year in the title.

(8) More to come!! We still have more ideas of link-ups and resources to support and promote Catholic Bloggers. 
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