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Know any parents or Godparents who might be scrambling to get that Sacrament gift for their child or Godchild receiving their First Holy Communion or Confirmation?
Rosaries, bibles and prayerbooks are always appropriate, but sometimes fearing duplicates, we resort to cash…or a video game.

This is a unique Catholic Faith Journal teaching and celebrating the seven Sacraments and the Catholic Faith.

Part One of Hand in Hand with Jesus traces all 7 Sacraments.
Part Two “Heart to Heart with Jesus” offers reflections
about maturing prayerlife and relationship with Jesus.
Plenty of family, Faith and life reflections throughout!
Do you know anyone making their First Holy Communion?
Help them celebrate their Catholic Journey of Faith!
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Great Baptism present as well!
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Email mmcconkey{at}rogers{dot}com if interested
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Also offering fundraiser programs for Catholic groups. 
Earn money for your group with solid Catholic products!

First Communion Banners

I thought some of you might like to see the banners my older kids made the year they were receiving their First Communion. (I know a little bit of inspiration goes a long way!)
They made them from a variety of different materials and 
all of them created their banner with their own personal twist!
Click here to see a complete posting with more details of their creations. 

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Blessings for Holy Week!

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Holy Week is almost here! Special Holy Week Link-Up!

With Holy Week starting so soon, I just wanted to post a reminder about this special

Post your special Holy Week
reflections, activities and family traditions
…and check out what other Catholic bloggers are writing about!
Scroll down through the Holy Week Link-Up
and check out the Lent Link-Up on the same page…
over 100 ideas, activities and reflections for Lent!
Bookmark or pin the Lent Link-Up for next year!

It’s part of a wonderful initiative called Fiestas de Enlaces, a string of link-up parties for all the big Seasons and Feastdays of the Catholic Liturgical Calendar, hosted by many different Catholic blogs and organized by Familia Católica.  Check it out and join in!

Enter to win a copy the Journey's End Game.

A game to help teach about Sin and the need for confession!
Head over to see Holly’s at The Three Sided Wheel and enter to win! While you are there you can see her review of my game!! She has some great pictures of her homeschool co-op playing the game!
Don’t forget to enter!  Holly will pick the winner of the game on Friday, March 30, 2012!
Thanks Holly! 

Pro-life Corner: SUNDAY, March 25, 2012


Wisdom of the Ages…

Tertullian, a Christian writer who died in the third century, wrote the following: ‘Thus, you read the word of God, spoken to Jeremias: “Before I formed thee in the womb, I knew thee.” If God forms us in the womb, He also breathes on us as He did in the beginning: “And God formed man and breathed into him the breath of life.” Nor could God have known man in the womb unless he were a whole man. “And before thou camest forth from the womb, I sanctified thee.” Was it, then, a dead body at that stage? Surely it was not, for “God is the God of the living and not the dead.”’- De Anima 26.5 

For General Intercessions and Scripture reflections go to

Easter Decorating with Peeps

Not much for eating Peeps.  Peeps make me laugh.  For me, they are a humorous part of my college graduation memories….

But for Easter decorating, well these Peeps take the cake! This is an Easter cake I made a few years back.

On Pinterest,  I have seen Peeps in wreaths

and Peeps on skewers!

It all has me imagining Peeps on swags like garlands and Peeps on sticks in flower bouquets and a college door…old, hardened Peeps on it and a night of revelry with my sistas!

Yeah, Peeps make me laugh….

a Holy Week link-up to refocus Lent…

I just posted a HOLY WEEK Link-Up as part of the Fiestas de Enlaces.
Here is the Holy Week Link-Up Announcement.

The Holy Week Link-Up is on the same page as the
What are you doing for Lent? Link-Up

and incidentally…there is still time to add your Lenten posts, reflections and activities

Help us re-focus our Lent with your awesome ideas!

St. Joseph ~ Picture of the Carpenter on Wood ~ Craft

This is a fun and easy craft project for all ages! It makes a nice addition to any altar, room, shelf, or wall.
In this simple activity you’ll crate a home/school decoration of St. Joseph on a block of wood. I felt that wood seemed like a perfect spot to put a picture of St. Joseph, since he was/is a carpenter!
It easy enough for kids in 1st grade but still nice enough for teens and adults.

See the complete instructions to create this for yourself – HERE.
St. Joseph the Craftsman, pray for us!
Happy crafting!

We Made a Lorax Tree Craft

From this website , found on Pinterest, we found inspiration to make a Lorax craft.

Make sure to open the link above to see instructions I did not include here.

First, my daughter and my mother collected craft supplies. A piece of cardboard for the base…green construction paper…paper for a path….foam shapes….clay….popsicle sticks…pipe cleaner….yarn….glitter glue.

After wrapping the cardboard in green paper and cutting a winding trail out of black construction paper, my mother helped my daughter glue foam pieces onto the trail to look like a cobblestone path.

This wasn’t in the movie, but any chance to use more glue was fun for my daughter!

To make the tree trunks, we used popsicle sticks . Pipe cleaners created the look of the stripes and helped to grab the “Truffula Tufts.”

Here, we have sunk the sticks into mounds of clay that she then painted with green glitter glue.

We realized she even had tiny bears that she could include to replicate the movie, now all we need is a little Lorax.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

-The Lorax by Dr. Seuss