Suffering In The Badlands


Now that Lent is upon us, I am ready to make it a good one. So I have my books to read, my devotions to pray, etc… But last night after attending Stations of the Cross, I was filled with thoughts of Jesus’ suffering then, and our own suffering now. I thought – where in nature could I find what my heart was feeling? And I had my answer: The Badlands.

A few years ago, Tom and I were blessed to be able to visit South Dakota. We packed up the car and drove to Rapid City where we spent a week enjoying that beautiful part of the country. We stopped at Badlands National Park and thoroughly enjoyed it. In some places, the land was so rocky and dry I felt like I was walking on the moon. In other areas there was a bit of grass poking out here and there, before the landscape would change again to fields of grass with bison and prairie dogs. It was truly an awe-inspiring place.

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Forgive Others – What’s In It For Me?

Forgiveness 4Forgive others – Not so easy a task now is it? What stops us from being able to forgive others who have hurt us? Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, a time set aside for us to repent, pray and give alms. To repent means that we are sorry for what we have done wrong. To repent is to ask for forgiveness. Yet, if we really listen to the words from the Our Father, where we recite “Forgive us our trespasses AS we forgive those who have trespassed against us,” what we are really asking is to be forgiven to the extent that we forgive others. That word AS may be a little word, but it carries a big punch.  Can any of us really say that we have forgiven others to the extent that we would want to be forgiven? Read more…